"My mission is to make the line friendly to all genders."

"My Perfect Closet"

When I came up with the idea to start SAMMY my motive was to create my “perfect” closet – a collection of pieces that made me feel confident when I put them on, pieces that I could love for a very long time. Self-esteem is a big topic in my life, and fashion was always something that helped with that. When I was younger, I followed trends but as I got older, all I wanted to wear were the few items in my closet that were high-quality and fit exactly how I wanted. I started by designing my dream pair of shorter shorts. They’ve been my go-to piece for as long as I can remember. From there, the line grew into a full collection of both swimwear and leisure wear. I also used to be an avid shopper of the women’s section — I’ve never seen why not. Part of my mission with SAMMY moving forward is making the line friendly to all genders.

Let's Stay Connected

"Purposefully Minimal"

SAMMY is the result of an ecosystem of people who have all put their energy into the brand. Whether its someone that works side by side with Clark, or someone who simply loves to wear the clothes- every individual who comes into contact with the brand is a part of it. 

Clark's design style is purposefully minimal. The simple nature of the clothing give a universal appeal to the pieces. Beyond these beautifully simple garments, Clark is an advocate for acceptance and support of equality and fairness to humans of all genders and all sexual orientations.